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What Can Be Recycled

The A-Z Guide is provided to help our residents Recycle Right and provides a comprehensive list of all the items that should be placed in your yellow lid recycling bin.

It’s easy!  If it is not on the A-Z Guide then it should NOT be placed in your recycling bin.

A recycling bin containing items not listed on the A-Z Guide, may receive an orange tag to explain to residents what has been placed incorrectly in the bin. An orange tagged bin will not be emptied until the following service day and only if the identified items have been removed.

Please note; The incorrect placement of non-accepted items in the recycling bins can become a serious problem for your service. Residents who  continuously misuse the service may have the service suspended without further notification.

No type of  plastic bags, plastic wrap or  recycling inside plastic bags, can be accepted in your recycling bin.  We can not recycle these products and they can cause damage to the equipment and may cause whole loads of accepted recyclables to be rejected and sent to landfill.

NO Motor Oil Containers

NO Polystyrene or Foam Packaging

What can be recycled?
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