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Teaching resources

In School Presentations

HRR offers presentations for whole school, Stage or class groups from K –  12. They are FREE and provide students with a broad range of facts to motivate them to become waste wise and Recycle Right and are a great way to kick off your school recycling program. Contact the Recycling Hotline on 1800 838 884 for more details.

Do You Recycle Right? DVD

Do You Recycle Right? DVD is a comprehensive and informative look at recycling in our region and  is available to every school in the program at no cost. It provides an easy to understand view of the recycling process covering collection, sorting, end use of the recyclables and the environmental benefits.  Call 1800 838 884 for your free copy .

School Waste Management Plan

In order to assist schools to not only recycle waste, but also to avoid and reduce waste within schools, HRR has developed a Schools Waste Management Plan. This plan will assist schools in developing short term and long term goals in terms of waste reduction. Call the Recycling Hotline for more information.

Waste Audit Kit

A waste audit helps students take ownership and understand waste in their school and is a great start for any whole school waste reduction and recycling program.  The findings can be analysed to target focus areas, identify problems and points of interest and brainstorm strategies to reduce and better manage that waste. These ideas can then be communicated to the whole school community to encourage everyone to reduce, reuse and recycle right. It is an ideal problem-based learning strategy to engage students with real world issues. An audit kit including tarps, tongs, gloves, buckets and spring scales is available for schools from our member Councils to borrow by calling the Recycling Hotline.

Classroom Activities provides lots of teaching ideas linked to KLAs.

Implementing Co-mingled Recycling at School  Outlines key points for teachers to consider to ensure a successful program.

How to be a Waste Wise Recycle Right School  Information for students to consider to take ownership of their recycling program.