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Recycling Tips

Bottles and containers must be empty but don’t require washing or rinsing before going into your recycling bin.
Place your bin at the kerbside with the opening facing the road by 5.30am on the day of collection or the evening prior.
Cut down on junk mail by displaying a ‘No Junk Mail’ sticker on your mailbox.
Use paper on both sides, and if you work in an office, where possible, use paper used only on one side for fax transmissions.
Clean milk cartons or yoghurt pots make wonderful pots for plants or seedlings.
Re-use old envelopes by covering the old name and address with a sticky label.
It is not only aluminium cans that can be placed in your recycling bin – old pie trays and aluminium foil can be recycled too.
Try to avoid buying products which are over packaged, and where packaging cannot be avoided, make sure the packaging is recyclable.
Styrofoam packaging is not recycled by our company. Ask the retailer at place of the purchase if the foam packaging can be returned to the store for recycling by them.
Use a ball point pen that takes refills, or use a fountain pen.
Plastic drink bottles filled with a handful of pebbles or rice make great rattles.
Instead of putting used magazines into the recycling bin, why not share them with a friend, or give them to your local hospital, dental or doctor’s surgery