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Schools Free Recycling Program

Your local councils are committed to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill from our schools. This is why they provide the School Recycling Program FREE of charge. By increasing recycling your school can reduce your ever increasing waste disposal costs and promote the importance of sustainable living to our citizens of the future.

How many free recycling bins can your school obtain?

All public and private, primary and high schools in the HRR member Council areas are eligible for a minimum 3 x 240 litre bins (which many schools already have), to support recycling and waste minimisation education for students. Schools with over 500 students are eligible to apply for additional bins or have the option of exchanging the recycling bins for 3 x 1100 litre skip bins (conditions apply).  Additional bins above the free allocation are available at a small cost. Please contact your Council for charges.

No: Students No: Free Recycling Bins
 <500  3
 501-600 4
 601-700 5
 701-800 6
 801-900 7
 901-1000 8
 1001-1100 9
>1101 10

The supply of a 3 x 1100 litre skip bins is subject to the availability of clear access and space for the safe movement of the collection vehicle and bins that is clear of power lines and with a surface capable of carrying a load of 13 tonnes.

Need some help getting your recycling program going at school?

Our Education Officer is here to support you to successfully implement comingled recycling across the school and is available to visit your school and provide recycling presentations for students, staff and parent groups at no charge.

We can offer a range of learning activities across the KLAs, as well as support with strategies to implement comprehensive recycling programs. Setting up an easy to use recycling and waste minimisation system in the classroom and playground can reduce general waste and provide substantial savings for schools to spend on other projects!

  • Do You Recycle Right DVD outlining your recycling service from collection through the sorting process  to end products has been distributed to schools. Additional copies are available on request.
  • A complete waste audit kit is available for schools to borrow on application.
  • Hunter the Recycling Retriever our new recycling mascot is also available for school visits.

For further information contact the Recycling Hotline 1800 83 8884

Recycling Bin Request - Schools Program

  • To continue the free recycling service, schools must complete an annual report and commit to implementing waste reduction and recycling programs within the school as required by Council.
  • Ownership of the bin/s remains with Solo Resource Recovery.
  • Bins are identified by serial number and are not transferable.

Hunter Resource Recovery looks forward to working with your school to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Right!