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How To Obtain A Recycling Bin

If you move into a property (rented or owned), then that property will have been allocated a recycling bin as part of the Council Waste Service. The recycling bin always remains the property of Solo Resource Recovery. Each bin is registered to a specific address and must remain with the property when you move. If a bin is missing once you move into a new property then call the Recycling Hotline on free call 1800 838 884 to organise a replacement.
If you are building a new home and you would like a recycling bin;

Stolen Or Vandalised Bins

If your bin is vandalised or stolen, contact the Recycling Hotline 1800 838 884  to organise a replacement bin. As bins always remain the property of Solo Resource Recovery they are replaced at no charge.

Bin Repairs, Replacements and Divider Removals

If your bin is damaged or still has a divider contact the Recycling Hotline on 1800 838 884 to organise repairs, divider removal or replacement of a new recycling bin where necessary at no charge.

Missed Service

If your recycling bin is not emptied on the correct day, please contact the Recycling Hotline 1800 838 884. Missed services are usually collected within 24 hours of notification or the NEXT business day.

Bin Collections

Place your recycling bin at the kerbside by 5.30am on the day of collection or the evening prior with the lid opening towards the roadway. Please note our collection vehicles are equipped with technology that tracks and records the time and location of all bin collections and our Contractor is under no obligation to return to service bins that have been missed due to late placement at the kerbside.

Leave a minimum of 1 metre between the recycling bin and garbage bin wherever possible to avoid bins being knocked over during servicing.