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Too Much Recycling?

What can you do if you find you have more bottles, paper and cardboard than your recycling bin can hold there are several options available to you.

The simplest remedy is to flatten your boxes and plastic containers to make room in your yellow lid bin for more recyclables  (please don’t break your glass bottles!)
Alternately, you can upsize your recycling bin to the larger 360L bin by contacting your local Council and paying the one off $25 service charge. 360L bins will hold up to 30% more volume and is great for larger families and avid recyclers. (Please note the 80kg maximum weight capacity remains the same).
An additional recycling bin is available by contacting your local Council – charges apply. 
Some HRR member Councils also provide a FREE bulk recycling service and approved electronic waste  drop point at their Waste Management Facilities  for their residents – all year round! *
*Household quantities only – no commercial loads and accepted items only.  Mixed loads,that include general waste will incur the standard charges. Contact your local Council for details
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