Maitland Facts

Maitland Facts

Maitland Recycling Statistics

The Maitland Local Government Area is one of the nation’s fastest growing Councils areas. With an expanding community comes greater demand upon the environment in terms of waste generation. Fortunately Maitland residents are also amongst the nation’s best recyclers.

Currently there are over 75,000 people in the LGA, with HRR servicing 29,989 homes at June 2016 every fortnight. Over the 18 years of service Maitland residents have recycled 101,102 tonnes of domestic packaging and saved 278,612 cubic metres of landfill space. This has reduced Co2 emissions equal to taking 12,114 cars off the road permanently. Saved enough electricity to power 7,796 homes for a year and saved enough water to provide a year’s supply to 17,904 people!

6,712 tonnes of recycling packaging was recovered for the period 2015 to 2016. This is 222 tonnes more than the previous year. The amount of waste incorrectly placed in the recycling service was 154 tonnes which is only 15 tonnes more than the previous year.

On average each home recycles 223.82 kilos per annum or 8.6 kilos per fortnight.

eWaste Statistics

A total of 113,254 kilos of eWaste was recycled in Maitland during 2015 -2016 down by 866 kilos from the previous year.

Since April 2009 a total of  1,011,590 kilos of eWaste has been recycled.