Lake Macquarie Facts

Lake Macquarie Facts

Lake Macquarie Waste Fact File

Lake Macquarie Waste Services

Reducing waste and preserving our environment is one of Lake Macquarie City Council’s major priorities. Council provides a range of services for residents, businesses  and schools to help minimise waste

Awaba Tip  officially known as the Awaba Waste Management Facility, offers a range of disposal options including recycling services.

For more information on Council’s long-term waste plans go to Waste Strategy – the new 3 bin system.


Currently there are over 204,166 people in the Lake Macquarie LGA, with HRR servicing 78,790 homes at June 2016 every fortnight.

Over the 18 years of service Lake Macquarie residents have recycled 305,379 tonnes of domestic packaging and saved 841,549 cubic metres of landfill space. This has reduced Co2 emissions equal to taking 36,589 cars off the road permanently. Saved enough electricity to power  23,548 homes for a year and saved enough water to provide a year’s supply to 54,080 people!

In the year from 2015 – 2016 Lake Macquarie residents recycled 19,167 tonnes of accepted material through the kerbside service and free drop off collection point at the Awaba Waste Management Facility, down by 332 tonnes from the previous year.  The amount of  incorrectly placed material in the recycling service increased by 24 tonnes from the previous year to 438 tonnes.

 On average each home in the Lake Macquarie LGA recycles 243.27 kilos per annum or 9.35 kilos per collection.


A total of 138,572 kilos of eWaste was recycled in Lake Macquarie during 2015 -2016 through the free drop off at the Awaba Waste Management Facility and their bulk kerbside collections. This is down  by 59,684 kilos on the previous year. Since April 2009 a total of 1,118,239 kilos of eWaste has been recycled.

The Lake Macquarie Recycling Directory provides a list of items that can be recycled and how to recycle them.