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How recycling impacts you

Presently, there are over 25 million people living in Australia, and it is estimated that the average Australian produces about 2 tonne of garbage per year. This equates to the weight of an average family sedan car. That’s a lot of rubbish! With the Country’s population ever increasing, we cannot afford to maintain this rate of waste disposal.

Decreasing landfill space, detrimental environmental impacts of landfills, increasing costs of waste disposal, and the increasing consumption of natural, and often non-renewable resources, are all very good reasons to reduce, reuse and recycle wastes.

Household waste accounts for about 35% of the total waste stream, the remainder being made up of commercial, industrial, construction and demolition, and hazardous wastes. This proportion has been increasing as consumers are faced with purchasing over packaged goods, disposable products, convenience and takeaway foods and electrical appliances which once broken are cheaper to replace rather than fix. Recent independent audits indicate that on average the general domestic waste bin contains 20% of recyclable material that could have gone into the yellow top recycling bin!