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Who is the “Real Team” ?

Ever find yourself unsure of which bin to use and think it doesn’t make a difference anyway?

Not true! Your actions can make a REAL difference to our environment in a multitude of ways.

Even after 24 years of recycling there is still some confusion about what can go in the yellow lid bin. Last year over 3,300 tonnes of unacceptable items were placed in household recycling bins. That’s 827 box trailer loads of rubbish that can cause delays to your recycling service and serious problems for our staff and machinery at the Material Recovery Facility.

That’s where the Recycling Education And Liaison Team (REAL Team) comes in, working directly with residents so we can all recycle right.

Our friendly REAL Team travel across the entire service area conducting bin checks, carrying out minor repairs and leaving calling cards on bins where required.

Keep an eye out for our specially marked vans. Stop for a chat with the REAL Team and have all your recycling questions answered.