Non Accepted Items

Non Accepted Items

Only items listed on the bin lid sticker or A-Z Guide can be placed in the yellow lid bin.  A common mistake is the belief that if a material is recyclable in some way it can go in the yellow lid bin. That is simply not correct.

Items that can not be accepted are called “contamination”. Contamination is a serious problem for the service and may become a health and safety issue for our staff, damage the collection vehicles or sorting machinery, create a potential fire hazard or even cause a whole load of accepted recyclables to be rejected, sent to landfill and wasted.

Congratulations to our Recycle Right residents in the Cessnock, Lake Macquarie and Maitland City Councils and Singleton Council areas. Thanks to you we have an impressively low rate of contamination at 2.1% however, there was still over 700 tonnes of unaccepted product in our recycling service in 2016.  HRR believes that together we can  improve on these rates to help our environment and be a leading model for other areas. This is why we have our REAL Team out there conducting bin checks and leaving feedback for residents to help us all Recycle Right.

If you are unsure if an item can be placed in the recycling bin, then refer to the Bin Lid sticker lid for a general guide, or use the  A-Z Recycling Guide for a more detailed list.  If you are still unsure call the Recycling Hotline on 1800 838 884.

There may be other recycling options or organisations that can take those unaccepted items and avoid sending them to landfill contact or local Council.

Non-conforming bins will NOT BE collected and will only be serviced on the following fortnight collection if the offending product / products have been removed.

If your bin has been tagged for non-conformance, we will not return to collect the bin on that collection day even if you have removed the offending item / items, you will need to wait two (2) weeks for your next service.